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Cinci Han Safranbolu

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For centuries, China Anadol territory of the Historical Silk road was established on the hundreds of large and small caravanserai is one of Safranbolu Cinci han is .Cinci Han book-marking Karabaszade Huseyin Efendi (Cinci Hodja) in 1645 by. The architect is not known for certain, the Husband alone Architect Kazim thought to have been made by the Network. History of the silk road is losing its effectiveness until the 20th century, used as a caravanserai, Cici Han.20.yy from the beginning of the shopkeepers in Safranbolu was used as a warehouse,towards the end of the 20th century, this ozelliginide lost. Now the restoration of the Cinci Han , is used as a Hotel. - Photo: Cemil Belder


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