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Tam Ekrana Geç

Under The Stars, Safranbolu

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One of the most Nomad, and the blot of the village just behind the Safranbolu and Karabuk with the cold night under the stars and a calm night. remnants of Pure oxygen to the fullest aching nose happiness!... The city is a brilliant to see the expanse of the Sky... the numerous observe the stars cannot be described as arouses feelings of Light... bright and spacious brought to us every night freely millions of stars in the crystal-clear staged came together for visual feast see, unfortunately this keyften deprived of stay in the city... get away from me all the time in the movie Equilibrium by not taking the pill against the order from the eyes were opened, and reminds me of the people. When the city uzaklassam a simple living organism in the World, I remember all the 'empty' and 'unnecessary' from the feelings of greed and ariniyo I... Oh! Manisa tarzana Watch ... I think that if I walk ? ~ Cemil.Belder 01-11-2013 02:00


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