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This work is unique in the World! in 1930, by 2014, a comparison of SAFRANBOLU

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Historical Safranbolu Bazaar, descending almost in front of us on the hill tumulus from a photo was taken in the 1930s and today's comparison of Old photos... in Kirankoy positions that appear on the long, fine structure in place today, unfortunately, non-69. Military Regiments. The board of the region that today the Industrial vocational high school, and military branches. Everyone living in the area of that region 'MOCK' he says, although in fact the reason is that most are not aware of. Ottoman empire was built in the time of the reconstruction of the building, date unknown, 1960-65 years, has been destroyed. The building used in cutting of stones with the tender for sale. Kirankoy the area, and some of the old structures of the old cinema, etc.) on the basis of these stones are available. Buildings design and quality, as well as the City museum of History of the building (old government building). If you wish to re - used or old to new as you can see, the 'A - 't have A' work in the World is only implemented in Safranbolu.


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